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Resource Solutions LLC is a Leavenworth, Washington-based business that was founded in 2003. Our staff has experience working throughout the United States. We are able to promptly devise project plans to address your needs, agreeing on outcomes, timing of product submission and cost of completion. We are registered to do business with the State of Washington, and we are a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (OMWBE).

Our owner

Michelle S. Mazzola

Michelle S. Mazzola has over 20 years’ experience in the grant writing, grant administration, strategic planning and education fields. She is passionate about working in rural communities to gain funding for community-based projects! Her success comes from her open and straight-forward approach to planning and funds acquisition.  Ms. Mazzola is a seasoned professional with numerous contacts and connections in the public and political arenas.  She possesses a proven track record working with entities in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Ms. Mazzola holds a Master of Science degree in Communications from the University of Idaho and a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Vermont. She has lived and worked throughout the United States.

Our Clients

Our diverse client base includes work with Fire Districts, Municipalities, Special Purpose Districts, Schools, Conservation Districts, Hospitals and Non-Profit Organizations.

Our Fees

Our fees are structured in a manner to meet your needs in a cost efficient manner.  Fees are typically established on a per project basis.

Our References

Names of professional references are available upon request.

client testimonials

What People
are saying

“We found Michelle to be very professional, enthusiastic, honest and adaptive. Her positive approach to grants guided us through some challenging situations and we now have her on speed-dial.
L. Rex Hutchins
North Pacific County Emergency Management Service, Raymond, WA
Michelle challenged us to think about our Fire District, and how others see us, in a different way. This has been extremely valuable not only in pursuit of grant opportunities but also how we interact with our citizens. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and has unrivaled ability to quickly understand the agency she is working with.
Lonnie Rash, Fire Chief
Spokane County Fire District #8, Valleyford, WA