What People Are Saying


“We found Michelle to be very professional, enthusiastic, honest and adaptive. Her positive approach to grants guided us through some challenging situations and we now have her on speed-dial!”

– L. Rex Hutchins, Chairman, North Pacific County Emergency Management Service, Raymond

“When FEMA recently denied our AFG hose grant reimbursement request, we panicked.  Michelle bailed us out by preparing a grant amendment.  Thanks to her we had our money in 4 days!”

– Gary Schwiesow, Fire Chief, Pacific County Fire District #3, Menlo Washington

“The more effort you put into the process to help Michelle understand your agency’s needs and its uniqueness, the more successful her grant project for you will be. Michelle came highly recommended, and she lived up to those expectations.”

– Mike Nokes, Fire Chief (former), South Pend Oreille Fire & Rescue, Newport

“I can’t even tell you how much of a difference our new ambulance will make to our community. Thanks to Michelle, I am very, very excited about the future.”

– Bill Didion, Fire Chief, Raymond Fire Department

“Working with Michelle on each grant causes me to reassess everything we do, how we do it and also to challenge the many assumptions from the past. Our entire organization is improving because of the processes we go through with Michelle’s partnering.”

– Michael S. Kytta, Fire Chief, Riverside Fire Authority, Centralia

“Through the AFG peer review process, I learned the value of the art of the “story telling narrative,” in which the need of your fire district colorfully comes to life. You cannot get a better storyteller than Michelle for this process!”

– Mike Bucy, Fire Chief, Stevens County Fire District #1, Loon Lake

“Our city has received notice from USDA that we have been awarded the ambulance grant! Happy Day! I just don’t think we would have been successful without Michelle’s guidance.”

– Dee Roberts, Mayor, City of Raymond

“Michelle enabled and enhanced our ability to plan for our big picture future needs. Her attention to detail, insightful guidance, and ability to mine out the best stories, empowered our department to receive $3.7 million in grant awards. But most importantly the safety of our community and emergency personnel have been greatly improved.”

– Michael S. Kytta, Fire Chief, Riverside Fire Authority, Centralia

“Michelle challenged us to think about our Fire District, and how others see us, in a different way. This has been extremely valuable not only in pursuit of grant opportunities but also how we interact with our citizens. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and has an unrivaled ability to quickly understand the agency she is working with”.

– Lonnie Rash, Fire Chief, Spokane County Fire District #8, Valleyford

“The most important tool in my toolbox over the last five years is Michelle. We now seamlessly communicate on our new radios, our firefighters stay safe in our new PPE and we can put out fires fast with the new hose she got for us.”

– Eric Dehning, Fire Chief, Cowlitz County Fire District #1, Woodland

“Michelle helped us build a forward-thinking plan that ultimately enabled us to build two new fire stations, get new apparatus & equipment, recruit 25 new volunteer and resident firefighters and hire 4 new career firefighters.”

– Don Fortier, Fire Chief, (retired) Grant County Fire District #3, Quincy

“Michelle is diligent, resourceful and creative. She made sure that I had the appropriate amount of work on my plate for the grant, so I didn’t get overloaded. If there was an obstacle that presented itself, she found a way around it. And she had an uncanny ability to convert “fire talk” into layman language as evidence by the $1 million SAFER hiring grant we landed!”

– Dave Baker, Fire Chief (retired), Douglas County Fire District #2, East Wenatchee

“Michelle kept us on-task while remaining flexible when we were slammed-with-calls and couldn’t meet promises. It’s great to work with someone who gets-it (and who has landed us several grants).”

– Barb Davis, EMT & Business Manager, Grant County Fire District #8, Mattawa

“As I ponder the impact Resource Solutions has had in the fire service, it is truly staggering. I am very proud to play a small part and call Michelle Mazzola a friend.”

– Tony Leibelt, Fire Chief, Grant County Fire District #3, Quincy

“The strategic planning, partnership building, and grant writing expertise provided by Resource Solutions LLC has allowed our dream for an Adult Family Home for the Developmentally Disabled to become a reality. Michelle’s professionalism and positive attitude, especially when pursuing federal grants, made working on this project fun.”

– Margaret Marson, Cornerstone Community Leader, Leavenworth

“Michelle was a ‘big hit’ with the seminar participants! Her thorough preparation and attention to detail, combined with her excellent delivery of the course content was very impressive.”

– Roger Ferris, Washington Fire Commissioners Association, Olympia

“After having our grant applications turned down by the WA State Dept. of Ecology, we enlisted Michelle Mazzola’s help. Her enthusiastic and pointed critique of my applications was instrumental in our subsequent applications being funded. We resubmitted four applications and all four were funded!”

– Jim Hill, Manager (retired), Central & Klickitat Conservation Districts, Goldendale

“It was my pleasure to get to know and work with Michelle, who went above and beyond to assist the Town of Concrete in receiving $1,000,000.00 in CDBG funds and an $875,000 legislative appropriation for the construction of a much needed new Fire and Life Safety Building.”

– Judd Wilson, Mayor (former) Town of Concrete

“I really appreciate Michelle’s high-level of customer service and expertise in writing our successful AFG grant. We were in dire need of these 22 new SCBA!”

– Ken Frazier, Fire Chief, Yakima County Fire District #6, Gleed

“Michelle never ceases to amaze me with her energy, creativity and determination. I have enormous respect for her work ethic and integrity. Plus, she’s fun to work with!”

– Tim Lawless, Director of Special Education (retired), Cascade School District #228, Leavenworth

“Michelle’s tact and diplomacy are matched by her clear vision and perception through the whole grant process. Her experience, assurance and enthusiasm made her an outstanding addition as the grant writer and grant administrator for our fire station renovation project.”

– Noel Hardin, Fire Chief, Asotin County Fire District #1, Clarkston

“After years of rejection letters and being frustrated in NOT being successful, Michelle was able to get us a grant for much needed SCBA’s. Her willingness to listen to what we needed and her ability to pull it all together was amazing. She is easy to work with and her energy, enthusiasm and attitude are contagious!”

– Lance Taylor, Fire Chief, Worden Montana Fire Department

“After several unsuccessful attempts at writing our own grant, we were introduced to Michelle. She took what had been a very painful process and turned it in to something interesting. Her enthusiasm and confidence from Day 1 made me believe we would be successful in landing our Pumper Tender and Fire Station grants.”

– Doug Fosburg, Fire Chief, Lewis County Fire District #3, Mossyrock

“Michelle nailed our very first grant. Her enthusiasm in leading the process has been a wonderful addition to our fire department!”

– Thomas A. Foster, Fire Marshal, Snohomish County Fire District 16, Lake Roesiger

“Thanks to Michelle’s expertise and advice, we have been successful in obtaining AFG grants. It’s been an honor to work with her and we couldn’t have done it without her.”

– Brandon Searles, Fire Chief, Mason County Fire District #11, Shelton